06/17 2013

WalkPittsburgh – Summer Walk Challenge Programs

WalkPittsburgh is here!

On Friday, May 10, 2013 the three Southwestern Pennsylvania Transportation Management Associations – Airport Corridor Transportation Association (ACTA), Oakland Transportation Management Association (OTMA) and the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership TMA (PDP) –  jointly launched WalkPittsburgh.org, a web-based initiative which aims to reduce the region’s carbon footprint, encourage individuals to stay healthy, and promote safe walking as a commuting alternative.

The fun and easy program allows users to participate by visiting WalkPittsburgh.org to create a user name and password and choose the neighborhood in which they currently reside and/or work. Once registered, participants are able to keep track of steps taken by downloading a free app that turns the user’s iPhone or Android Smartphone into a pedometer which count steps, tracks progress, and uploads the information (identifying you only by neighborhood) to WalkPittsburgh.org. Each time a participant signs in to WalkPittsburgh.org they can see their own private walking profile page, view and compare the progress of surrounding neighborhoods, and see how many gallons of gas has been saved by walking.

Check out their website