06/22 2013

South Oakland Community Day Planning Meeting – Monday July 15 6PM

Next meeting to plan for South Oakland Community Day (SOCD)
    6PM Monday July 15, 2013,  Frazier Fieldhouse, Frazier St and Dawson St,
    The festival is scheduled for Saturday September 7, 2013.  More details to come.
    If you know anyone that is interested in participating/volunteering for various planning, preparation and activities, but cannot attend the meeting, please use the contact page to give us their contact information so we can coordinate and plan for this event.  The current subcommittees and general tasks and responsibilities:
  • Marketing & Recruitment – Advertising/Media contact, Volunteer recruitment
  • Operations & Activities – Event operation planning for games/activities/sports, food/beverage storage/prep/cooking/menu/cups/plates etc,  setup & teardown, work with Finance subcommittee on budget.
  • Fundraising, Sponsorship & Finance – Plan budget, set funding goals, secure donations, plan fundraisers.
    Check out the SOCD Page for more details.