The South Oakland Neighborhood Group (SONG) is a community organization of residents, primarily focused on the South Oakland Neighborhood, but also Oakland and Pittsburgh in general, to improve the quality of life for all residents, including students and local businesses through improved and expanded communication and involvement.  Any interested parties are encouraged to participate and contribute.

SONG meets the first Tuesday of every month at Frazier Fieldhouse on Frazier St, and other events as well. Check the home page for more information.

This website will be the main source for information, but SONG is also on Facebook as:

South Oakland Neighborhood Group Pgh

and Twitter as @SONG_Pgh

Special thanks to Phil Garrow of SEO Pittsburgh for website hosting and development assistance.

For residents within the official City border of South Oakland and generally west of the Bates Street, there is another neighborhood group,  Oakcliffe Community Organization Of South Oakland, focused more specifically on what is referred to as Oakcliffe.