Last updated 3/21/17.

Founded in March of 2013, SONG is still a fairly young community organization looking for ways to help improve our neighborhood, community, the environment etc.

Planned projects that need volunteer help:

  • South Oakland Junior Chess Club – Thursday Evenings 5-7pm
  • South Oakland Neighborhood Youth Computer Club – Wednesday Evenings 5-7pm
  • South Oakland Community Day – Saturday August 26, 2017


A few examples of potential projects looking for volunteers:

  • Street Tree Survey – map and document current condition of street trees for followup weeding/maintenance and pruning.
  • Street Tree recruitment map – map and document areas that would benefit from street trees and/or complement existing trees. ¬†Some people were not interested before, and some restrictive requirements have been changed to allow more street tree plantings, so property owners can be contacted.
  • WordPress website improvements – Helping to improve our website with coding, graphics etc.
  • Fundraising / Planning
  • Community Outreach / Recruiting


This page is intended for people to apply for, or submit ideas for projects they are interested in and/or have experience with. ¬†Click here to check out our blog entries under the category “VOLUNTEER” for more details on specific projects requiring volunteers.

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