04/05 2013

April Zoning Hearings for New Development & Property Changes

  • 3452, 3454, and 3500 Frazier St.  There is a site at Frazier and Juliet that the owner, Larry DeFrancesco proposes to build three attached single family homes for sale to homeowners.  They have a zoning board hearing on April 18 at 9:40 AM to request a variance for parking.  The site makes it difficult to provide parking; they would like to proceed without providing on-site parking, so they need a variance for that.  Any interested parties should plan to be there.
  • 3337 Dawson.  Joe and John Palmieri are requesting a use variance to convert the lovely home into two units.  The zoning board continued the hearing to May 9, so that we can have community conversation about this project.  Any interested parties should plan to be there.  We may be able to arrange a presentation of the project at the next SONG meeting.