07/06 2013

Call For Participants To Be Interviewed About South Oakland For Student Documentary

Browne Leadership Fellows and CHS interns Samantha Levinson and Zeba Ahmed will be conducting video interviews with community groups and individuals active in the South Oakland community throughout the months of June and July in order to make a documentary about South Oakland’s past, present, and future. The documentary will be released at the Pitt Sponsored South Oakland Block Party this coming September 11, and will only be used for further educational purposes. No money will be made from the production of this documentary.

Please request contact info for Samantha and Zeba from SONG, or meet them in person at the CHS Socials  3:30pm every Wednesday The socials cost $1, and snacks and dinner are provided. This project is sponsored and backed by Community and Human Services at Lawn Street and the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work.

Questions for South Oakland Residents:

  • Please introduce yourself. It can be as little as your first name or it can include where you live, what you do for a living, things like that.  Whatever makes you feel comfortable but also conveys how you’d introduce yourself to a new member of the neighborhood.
  • How long have you lived in South Oakland? If it’s been for a long while, what have you seen change during your residency here?
  • Why did you move to South Oakland?
  • What made you stay here?
  • What do you prize most about the South Oakland community?
  • Where do you think it could see improvement?
  • If you could describe the South Oakland community in one word, what would it be?