02/13 2015

Update on Hydroponics Project

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UPDATE 2/18/15

The hydroponics workshop will be 3-4pm Sunday 2/22 at Frazier Fieldhouse.

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Update:  With some work on actual installations now done, and since there probably aren’t many “ideal” windows in South Oakland, the specs and guidelines have changed a bit for site installations.  There will be fluorescent lights on all installations, and the size has been significantly reduced.

For anyone that was interested in hosting a hydroponics installation, but didn’t contact us yet, here’s a few pictures of the 2.5’x6′ system and a CAD sketch of the 22″x32″ system that’s going into two locations so far:

The first two are the same system in progress, planned to have three channels, each with 5 plants in it. The PVC pipes above are for holding lights not shown in pic.


The third picture is a much smaller installation with four U-shaped tiers and a vertical post that will hold two fluorescent tube lights. 
Inline image 3