11/20 2014

Update On Demolition/Construction at Former Health Dept Site at 3333 Forbes

Update from Massaro regarding demo and construction of Skyvue, 3333 Forbes.  I'll post the project sheet in the file section of this basecamp site.  The email from massaro is as follows: 

·  We are still in the midst of demolition for the ACHD site. We expect to complete ACHD demo by the end of November. We are currently sifting through the now demolished building,completing foundations removal, and then will start demo to the 2 neighboring houses. They should be done by mid-December

·  Shoring of the site is expected to begin in December.

·  As for impacts to pedestrians and vehicle traffic, we will close the Fifth Avenue sidewalk in November to allow for water and gas services to 3342 Fifth to be relocated. This will result in detouring pedestrians to the opposite side of the street. When excavation starts, probably in December, we will close the Forbes Ave sidewalk and the Forbes Ave parking lane. This seems to be the safest and most efficient way to keep the project moving with minimal disruption to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. An MPT plan (maintenance and protection of traffic) has been prepared and approved for both closures by Pgh DPW.