10/10 2013

Oakwatch Meeting Wed Oct 16, 6-7:30pm at Career Center

The upcoming meeting is next Wednesday, October 16th from 6-7:30PM at the Oakland Career Center at 294 Semple Street. Please find  the minutes from the last meeting on the Oakwatch website.

Oakwatch is requesting that when you do call 911 about any Oakland incident, that you please fill out an incident report and send it back. You can email it to oakwatch@opdc.org, fax it to 412.621.5920, or simply mail or drop it off at 235 Atwood Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.  They have been compiling this data to track enforcement efforts in the neighborhood. They will protect your privacy- they will not share your name, just the data related to the incident. Please share this form far and wide with your neighbors.

Upcoming Oakland Housing Court cases for Thursday October 17th’s hearing at 10am. If you are available that day, the support would be appreciated. If you intend to testify at any of these, please let them know.

All hearings are on Thursday, October 17th starting at 10:00 AM
before Judge Ricciardi
1700 East Carson Street, 3rd Floor

3319 Niagara Street: Continuance
Violations: Overgrown weeds and grass, garbage and debris property
Owner: Bella Pepper

3124 Blvd of Allies: Continuance
Violations: Failure to apply for certificate of occupancy; failure to secure certificate of occupancy
Owner: Ernest Fagnelli

3319 Juliet Street:
Violations: General unsafe structure; incorrect handrails on front entry steps, exterior steps and interior basement steps; incorrect/ insufficient locations of smoke alarms
Owner: Robert V. Torkeo

244 Robinson Street: Continuance
Violations: Overgrown weeds and grass
Owners: Robert G Bell and Alecia Davenport-Bell