04/11 2013



ARTPGH is developing a strategy for the City to engage local, regional and national artists, facilitate care for its extensive art collection, and involve artists in public space, facility and infrastructure design. DESIGNPGH is examining existing types of urban design and devise a plan with set guidelines that will inform future developers about the quality and character of design that is expected and feasible in our neighborhoods.

The public art and urban design plans are heavily dependent on public participation and are estimated to be completed over the next 9 months. There will be ongoing opportunities and subsequent public meetings for the public to become involved. Please visit planpgh.com to sign up for email updates related to ARTPGH, DESIGNPGH and other components of PLANPGH.

Six dates & locations to choose from

On April 22nd-25th, 29th and 30th, there will be a second round of public meetings for ARTPGH and DESIGNPGH, the Public Art and Urban Design components of PLANPGH, the City’s first comprehensive plan. These will be six “open house” meetings conveniently located throughout the City that will allow residents to participate near where they live or work.

RSVP is requested, but not required.

Check out the website for more details