08/02 2013

OPDC Home Sale Program


Are you or someone you know ready to sell an Oakland home? Do you want to ensure the house goes to a responsible new owner to strengthen the community?
Oakland Planning and Development Corporation (OPDC) can offer a fair-market price (verified through an independent appraisal) to purchase the house. Upon purchase, we will complete any renovations necessary to increase the home’s safety, energy efficiency, accessibility and modern appeal. We will then sell the home with a five year owner-occupancy restriction, ensuring that the house is not converted to a rental.
If you aren’t ready to leave your home, but want to ensure it does not become a rental, you can sign an option to sell to OPDC. We can also connect low-income and senior homeowners to programs that offer home repair assistance.

For more information, contact:
Elly Fisher
412.621.7863 ext. 12