01/08 2016

Change In Plans For Campus Advantage Development On Forbes Ave

pdf icon campus-advantage-Nov_2015.pdf

Campus Advantage – the student apartment building on Forbes at the vacant laundromat site next to Arby's has revised their design to bring the height into compliance with zoning, thus not needing a variance (in response to appeal filed by owner of adjacent apartment building). The bigger news is that they have acquired the Arby's site and will be including that property in the development and expanding the size of the building.  They plan to present the revised plans to the community once they have the drawings ready to go.  Here is their preliminary schedule for going back to Planning Commission: 
  • Submit preliminary plans to city for review  1-8-16
  • City internal meeting to review pl               1-11-16
  • Meet with city staff to review plans            1-20-16
  • CDAP                                                      2-2-16 or 2-16-16 (depends on availability)
  • Planning commission briefing                    2-23-16 or 3-8-16
  • Planning commission hearing                    3-8-16 or 3-22-16