11/12 2016

Artist Needs Residents To Participate In Art Installation

Artist Darrell Kinsel (Pgh Native, Schenley Grad, Contributor to OPDC Evening Of Storytelling ) needs 2-3 Oakland residents willing to volunteer to be “models” for this exhibit. Any volunteers? The volunteer must be willing to let Darrell go through your recycling can and include elements of it in the installation described below. 
Shells of Our Former Selves 
The pieces will serve as sculptures, trash statues that represent different people of Pittsburgh.  Connecting with students, neighbors, and professionals that operate in Oakland.  These iterations of our community will be created out of the refuse materials collected directly from each of the models.  Conceptually, Shells of Our Former Selves serve as vessels for spiritual reflection, a shell or skin shed for the purposes of personal growth.   Each sculpture will reflect ideas, techniques, and physical items that have been disposed of or left behind.  This exhibition will present a collection public sculptures piled into the storefront window.  The Humanoid sculptures will present omni gendered wide ranging  body types created out of recyclable materials.  The recyclable materials will be sourced from 50 pre selected models that will serve as the base shapes for each sculpture.  Shells of Our Former Selves will represent the amount of waste collected from the model, a personal reflection of brand preferences, habits, and what different people identify as "waste".