04/16 2013


Valet Parking Licensing Program to be Managed by Department of Public Works
Sent 04/16/2013 @ 12:38 pm

During today’s City Council regular meeting, Councilman Lavelle introduced an ordinance regulating valet parking in Pittsburgh. The proposed bill would shift management responsibilities of the City’s licensing program for valet parking from the Police Department to the Department of Public Works, would institute penalties for violations, and would require operators to display proper signage for valet drop-off and pick-up points.

The ordinance is modeled after similar measures taken in Chicago, IL and Charlotte, NC, and includes clauses pulled from Pittsburgh’s police variance regulations. Councilman Lavelle’s decision to sponsor the bill resulted from complaints of improper management of valet services in Market Square. Various reports of improper utilization of public street parking spaces in Market Square, Graeme St, Forbes Ave and Fourth Ave prompted the Councilman to respond with the proposed bill.

Among the provisions in the ordinance, the proposed valet parking regulations include:

  • Requirement that every valet parking service obtain a license from the Department of Public Works.
  • Requirement that valet operators display City approved and issued “No Parking” signs at the parking space or spaces utilized for drop-off and pick-up of valet parking.
  • Requirement that the valet operator provides legal off street parking spaces of at least 15% of the occupancy of the business they work for.
  • Implementation of penalties for violations that are the responsibility of the valet operator.