04/25 2013

Any Interest In Organizing A Neighborhood Walking Tour?

If anyone is interested in organizing or participating in anything like this, contact SONG to see if we can get it going.

Jane Jacobs Walk is a series of free neighborhood walking, biking, and transit tours that help put people in touch with their environment and with the people that live in their community. Think of a Jane Jacobs Walk as a moving conversation: a way to engage community members with the people and places that make your city great, or perhaps a way to observe what works and what doesn’t. The focus of a Jane Jacobs Walk can be anything (architecture, local culture and history, city planning, local cuisine, nature, etc.) as long as it gets people walking, observing their surroundings, and connecting with each other.

Anyone can host a Jane Jacobs Walk. All of our events are led by volunteers, either individuals or organizations, who have a passion for the places in which they live, work, and play. If you have an idea for a walk that you would like to host in your city, lets us know and we’ll help you make it a reality. Most Jane Jacobs Walk events take place annually on the first weekend in May to coincide with Jane Jacobs’ birthday.  Jane Jacobs Walks can also be organized and led at any other time of the year by enthusiastic local people or organizations.

Jane Jacobs Walk Website