11/04 2016

Wakefield Townhome Development Proposal

pdf icon 11-01-16-SONG-Meeting.pdf

The first image is of another development at Bakery Square.  The idea for Wakefield St is to be similar offset buildings and recessed garages to minimize their visual impact, but the "look" should be less modern and in context with South Oakland. 
Attached are some initial sketches of a proposed development for the current first five lots at Wakefield St and Ward St.   Additionally, the developer notes that based on the existing building on the corner lot "is three stories high, and the first floor is slightly elevated.  Conservatively, I’d say the ridge is at 30’ above grade.  The highest building we have would be 10’ lower at street level, and we are limited to code to 40’."  
So "the building height of the highest building would not be any taller than the existing one" and "they would be further to the left, and drop down" further down Wakefield toward the shrine area.