04/23 2013

Street Paving Proposal from Council District 3 posted 4/18/13

posted 4/18/13 @ 12:14 pm

Spring 2013 Street Pavements

With your help and input, we have compiled a detailed list of streets within our district that we would like to be paved this Spring. The following list was sent to the Department of Public Works for their consideration in regard to which streets are most in need of repair.


  • Ward Street (between Cato & Frazier)
  • 200-400 block of McKee Place
  • Parkview (Oakland Square)
  • Lawn Street (at Niagra)
  • Zulema Street (between Ward & Bates)
  • Pier Street
  • Bouquet at Joncair
  • Atwood (Parkview to Forbes)
  • Mackey Street
  • Swineburne at Parkview
  • Oakland Way at Jet Way

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