07/10 2013

Bike Share station proposals

During the most recent OTF meeting which was held on Tuesday, June 11, 2013,  a brief review was provided for the planned installation of Bike Share Stations in Oakland. There were many questions being asked at the time of that discussion. Unfortunately we only had a DRAFT map of the City of Pittsburgh – Bike Station System plan showing the proposed installation locations of 50 stations throughout the City of Pittsburgh to reference for the discussion.

Since that time, we have been able to obtain more Detailed plans that provide:

  • ·         Station dimensions
  • ·         Optional station configurations
  • ·         Detailed station installation plans/street, and/or intersection, or sidewalk (location within public right-of-way, station size and dimension, abutment property owner)
  • ·         View of Station footprint/street, and/or intersection, or sidewalk

The proposed station locations for Oakland include:

1.       Atwood Street/Bates Street

2.       Bayard Street/Neville Street

3.       Carlow University (West side of Halket Street between Euler Way and Fifth Avenue)

4.       Cathedral of Learning (East side of Bigelow Boulevard between Fifth Avenue and Forbes Avenue)

5.       S. Bouquet Street/Forbes Avenue (East side of S. Bouquet Street, south of Forbes Avenue on sidewalk adjacent to Law school)

6.       Schenley Drive/Frew Street (West side of Frew Street, north of Schenley Drive)

7.       Zulema Street/Coltart Avenue (off-street location, North side of Zulema Street, west of Coltart Avenue)

Some plan diagrams available on request from SONG.  More info as it is released.